Munchit, an exploration in turn-based movement pattern for GodotJam June 2018. The temprature theme is hinted at only through the minimal (read no) interface, just color coding cool/warm. I probably did 20% of what I wanted to do, but hey, I actually finished a project!

Anyway, it's not much but I hope you enjoy it, I enjoyed making and (actually) playing it which is not what I expected. I hope you're gonna have (unexpected) fun with it too!


Survive by jumping on the other characters using your mouse by clicking on the available pattern! It should be very intuitive. Enjoy!

If playing in the browser be sure to click the full screen button first as the game gets cropped otherwise!

Install instructions

I hope it works cause I only have Linux, but since Godot makes it easy to export for other platforms I did, it should just run after unpacking from zip - no install required!


Download 23 MB
Download 35 MB
Download 22 MB
Download 25 MB

Development log


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Looks cool, but I'm sorry to say that it wasn't very intuitive for me, I only tried a few times, but honestly I have no idea how to affect my survivability...

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Thanks for feedback. I think I'm gonna work more on it to actually make it fun and have proper tutorial/help explaining the mechanic. It's really simple, you loose heat while moving and gain heat from the other enemies by jumping on them, you also loose heat when they jump on you. If heat reaches 0 you die, but it's only encoded visually, blue = 0, red = 1 :)


Yeah, same here, love the general vibe but I thought I know how to play until suddenly I lost :/ looking forward to the next version!

Yah, I agree, I mean what I had in my head is to let the player explore a bit, even if it means he'll die easy the first couple of tries, don't know why I thought that was a good idea haha :). Thanks for the feedback